Overcoming Law Firm WIP Reporting Challenges

The Need for Work in Progress Transparency While eBilling has brought new transparency, control and clarity to the billing process for the in-house client, one criticism of “conventional” eBilling is that the client is still not able to see the time and expenses being charged by their external law firms until the final invoice is […]

E-Billing Metrics, KPIs and Reporting for Law Firms

Many law firms, of all sizes, are now generating their legal bills in electronic format; submitting them through an e-Billing vendor system to the client. For those firms using full e-Billing, metrics can be used to monitor how well the function is performing. Inefficient processes will lead to a backlog of bills waiting to be passed to the client, bills being rejected and having to be repeatedly rectified, delays at various stages, and ultimately an impact on cash flow – all of this leads to unhappy clients and partners.


Legal spend management software offers significant benefits that generic systems cannot provide as they do not account for the unique features of legal procurement and legal e-billing. In this article, we look at the reasons for this.