Free In-House Guide: Building a Business Case for Legal eBilling

The guide identifies six core areas where e-billing software saves money, and gives calculations for them:
  • Ensuring law firms adhere to pre-agreed billing guidelines
  • Real time cost tracking and transparency, which reduces invoice surprises
  • Time saved by automating invoice processing and review
  • Electronic and automated legal matter and spend reporting
  • Legal analytics for data driven, strategic decision making
  • Effective, fair, consistent legal service provider and law firm sourcing
The guide also includes information on typical costs to factor in your return on investment (ROI) calculation, including:
  • Software costs
  • Implementation fees
  • Internal IT and project costs
  • Training and support costs
  • Upgrade costs

The benefits of e-Billing and legal spend management software are well documented, but it can be difficult for legal departments to make the business case for investing in the technology.


This BusyLamp guide describes six different ways e-Billing will save your legal department time and costs. It assigns an estimated monetary value calculation to each of these benefits, even those difficult-to-quantify productivity benefits so you can translate them into savings. Expected project costs are outlined too, so you can factor them into your overall return on investment.



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