BusyLamp announces launch of Matter.Space, a new matter management platform for corporate legal teams

Matter.Space meets high industry demand for a powerful yet easy to use full-suite matter management solution that will optimise the entire legal process and help legal teams deliver value for their organisations.

20 September 2021 – BusyLamp, a leading legal operations software provider, has launched Matter.Space in response to the rapidly growing demand from in-house legal teams for a user-friendly, full-suite software solution that optimises the management of legal matters, documents and workflows.

Matter.Space aims to streamline the complexity of corporate legal operations and helps in-house legal teams to become more efficient, productive and informed – enabling them to deliver more value for their organisation.


The new all-in-one, cloud-based legal workspace creates a centralised, shared view of all matter activity and helps corporate legal departments handle complex legal tasks wherever and whenever they need to. It supports all phases of the matter lifecycle, bringing together matter tracking, legal intake, documents, reporting and know-how into one simple and intuitive platform to improve team efficiency and transparency. Automated legal workflows standardise routine tasks, reduce manual intervention and help relieve workloads.


Unlike other legal matter management tools, Matter.Space has been built as a system of collaboration – allowing internal and external stakeholders to work together to collectively deliver legal matters. It also meets users where they work; seamlessly integrating with Office 365, Outlook and Teams to support the growing remote workforce. A robust API underpins Matter.Space and allows customers to create custom connections with their other business systems.


The new solution responds to a significant need in the market. BusyLamp’s Legal Operations Benchmarking Report 2021 found that 57% of legal departments across the globe now see automating and streamlining manual processes as a top priority. However, Gartner 2021 highlights that the challenge for legal teams now is to find a tool that is not overly complex, clunky or expensive to implement – Matter.Space provides the solution to this challenge.


Rob MacAdam, BusyLamp’s VP of Product, said: “We’ve heard it loud and clear – corporate legal teams require a simple, intuitive and integrated tool that optimises the full range of their legal operations. Too many matter management tools are over-engineered with complex workflows and overwhelming configurations, which only get in the way rather than unlocking efficiency and value. At BusyLamp, we’ve responded by creating Matter.Space.”


Carina Smolik-Fischer, BusyLamp’s Director Product Management, adds: “Corporate legal teams often lack centralised, real-time access to relevant data, but with Matter.Space, matters become a ‘single source of truth’. Encompassing all the relevant information, matters can easily be managed and accessed by both internal and external stakeholders. Feedback on time-critical tasks can be given instantly, i.e. through MS Teams. Matter.Space gives legal teams full visibility of their matter-portfolio and strategic insight. It enables them to organise their resources more efficiently and gives them the ability to spot trends and avoid risks.


BusyLamp collaborated closely with existing corporate legal customers in the development of Matter.Space. It has undergone intense testing by multiple remote legal teams over the past year and has already proven to be a powerful tool.


Matter.Space is the second product launched by BusyLamp, building upon its award winning spend management and  sourcing solution, eBilling.Space, which is used by legal teams worldwide. Both products integrate seamlessly to create a full-suite offering for end-to-end legal operations management.


For more information on Matter.Space, please visit: https://www.busylamp.com/matter-space/


About BusyLamp

BusyLamp provides legal operations software that is trusted by in-house legal teams and their firms globally.


BusyLamp was founded by a team of innovative lawyers passionate about optimising the existing legal operations of large companies and enabling collaboration both within and beyond the legal departments. It offers users a modern, intuitive and more efficient solution that overcomes the challenges with existing processes. BusyLamp continues to work closely with customers to constantly improve the software, which enables legal departments to save time, control legal spend and build stronger relationships with outside counsel.


The secure SaaS system provides sourcing, fee tracking, matter management, e-billing and spend management features all backed up with powerful reporting and analytics. BusyLamp has offices in Frankfurt, London and New York. For more information, visit www.busylamp.com.


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