Many of you have accompanied BusyLamp on its journey for many years now, others have joined us more recently. We welcome you all. As our valued customers, employees and supporters know, our journey so far has been quite an exquisite one. Our mission at BusyLamp since day one has been to provide in-house counsel with the information, data, trust and tools they need to focus on the strategic management of their legal finances.


Now the exciting moment has come, to announce some very special news. A milestone, that we could not have reached without your support, our wonderful customers, and the dedicated support and strive for excellence of every single member of our powerful BusyLamp-team: BusyLamp has been acquired by Onit, a true innovator and the leading provider for modern legal management solutions. We are joining the awesome Onit family and are now an independent subsidiary of the market leader in that space. A related press release with further details can be found here.


By combining with Onit, we will greatly expand our mission to help legal departments to reach their ambitious goals. Our existing and future customers will not only benefit from us gaining access to Onit’s international network but also from having access to additional outstanding technologies such as contract lifecycle management, legal service requests, legal holds and the AI-enabled invoice review product “InvoiceAI”.


While we will maintain our trusted branding and identity, we are simultaneously exploring new possibilities to drive innovation with Onit on our side and could not be more excited. At the same time, we will naturally continue to serve leading corporate legal departments to the highest standards.


We reached a milestone and big things are ahead of us, so let’s get ready for take-off together!

Konstantin Tadrowski – Dr. Manuel Meder – Dr. Michael Tal

BusyLamp Co-Founders


What does this mean for BusyLamp?

BusyLamp will operate as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of XYCZ Company, so the impact will be limited. That said, we will have the backing of the top minds in legaltech and the organizational might that comes with working at a bigger company. We’ll get the support we need to quickly grow and scale our product and the business in ways we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.


What does this mean for BusyLamp customers?

If you’re a customer or a partner, nothing changes. As a wholly owned subsidiary, BusyLamp will continue to operate under the same name with no changes to our customer facing operations. We will continue to operate our product and support our customers in the exact same way as prior to the acquisition – with a customer satisfaction guarantee!


Will BusyLamp continue to work with its partners?

 As stated above, nothing will change if you are a partner or would like to become one.


For more information, please check out the full FAQ here.

About XYCZ Company

XYCZ is a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation and AI solutions, which include enterprise legal management, contract lifecycle management, and business process automation.


Founded in Houston, Texas, in 2011, this company has invited the best minds in legal technology to help transform the way Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar corporate legal departments bridge the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement.


BusyLamp will be the X company acquired by XYCZ in three years. AXDRAFT, a document automation platform, and McCarthyFinch, an AI legal technology company, were both acquired in 2020, while SimpleLegal, a legal operations management software company, was acquired in 2019.


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