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As lawyers, we learnt how frustrated legal departments were with the software tools available. With an urge for entrepreneurship and a desire to bring reliable and easy to use SaaS solutions to market, we founded BusyLamp in 2012. Nearly a decade later, our award-winning product portfolio meets not only the highest standards of usability, data integrity, cyber-security and customer service but also helps legal departments around the world achieve their ambitious goals.

Our Vision

BusyLamp is committed more than ever to empowering legal departments to take a strategic role within their organisations. One day, the majority of all leading companies will run their legal department as a business unit by using our world class legal operations solutions eBilling.Space & Matter.Space.

OUR Mission

Our mission at BusyLamp is to serve every in-house counsel with the information, data, trust and tools they need; where and when they need them, to enable legal departments to focus on the strategic tasks that matter the most. We not only act as a reliable software vendor but also as a trusted partner for each and every one of our customers.


“I joined BusyLamp as an intern in October 2012. I love coding and found this opportunity to be the best fit for my career. I have seen the steady growth of BusyLamp – from an unknown startup to a successful company. As an Indian I came to Germany with great aspirations. BusyLamp always supported me on this very exciting journey. I am still very proud to have taken this path. I truly believe that good leadership is the key to employee satisfaction and our company proves this. I can strongly recommend others to join us!“

"Coding is never boring."

Senior Developer
3 C’s - Chess, Carroms and Cricket
“My career at BusyLamp started when the company was in its early days and I worked as a marketing intern during my medical studies. Since my graduation I have been concentrating on finance and strategy issues. I am especially fascinated by the incredible team spririt of my colleagues. As long as you are enthusiastic about your job, BusyLamp supports you on your way to success with the necessary tools. Personally, this has given me the necessary courage to give up my career as a doctor and to take on new challenges”.

"I traded stethoscopes for balance sheets."

Director of Finance & Special Projects
Physician and cyclist
“In the earlier stages of my career I worked at international corporations and I have learned what successful companies put their focus on. They focus on building teams with excellent professional knowledge diverse skills and who work dynamically together in a transparent working culture. At BusyLamp, we want to continuously strengthen our environment. As an attractive employer, monetary benefits and flexible home office options are part of our standard. Our decision-making channels are straightforward. In addition, we rely, even in challenging times, on healthy company growth. I look forward to continuing to actively contribute to BusyLamp’s success story”.

"Teamwork makes the dream work."

Director of Human Resources
Dancer, singer and musician. Plus painter and cook in a children's group.

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