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Telefónica Germany offers mobile and fixed services for private and business customers, as well as innovative digital products and services in the fields of Internet of Things and data analytics. With a total of 50.1 million customer lines, the company is one of the leading integrated telecommunications providers. In the mobile segment alone, Telefónica Germany is responsible for more than 45 million lines. The legal team outsources certain matters to external law firms, mainly in litigation. The legal department was suffering with several processes, which were heavily manual and reliant on e-mail and spreadsheet ’copy and pasting’, thus time consuming and complicated.


Complicated, slow, manual WIP and invoice review processes.
High level of reporting requirements all done manually in Excel.
No real-time view of legal spend across the business.

The finance department required accrual information ahead of invoice receipt and payment. Law firms had to submit the Work In Progress (WIP) by Excel spreadsheet. With many firms being mandated across the legal fields, the legal department was dealing with multiple WIP spreadsheets that needed to be checked, consolidated and sent to the finance department.

This was similarly manual. Line items in invoices submitted by the law firms needed to be checked by counsel manually and – if fully approved by management – were signed-off and sent to the finance department. If not they needed to be cancelled, re-submitted and rechecked.

Telefónica Germany reporting requirements are sophisticated. Reporting on WIP and external spend must be broken down by business unit, matter, legal field, status and numerous other variables to aid the finance department. Compiling and consolidating this information was also a very manual and time consuming process.



The legal department needed to revise these processes to both free up legal counsel time spent on admin and reduce the chance of errors. In addition, they needed visibility of all legal spend across all business units, and for that data to be available at any time.

solution with EBILLING.SPACE:
co-creation of legal spend
management processes

After careful review of the existing working processes, Telefónica Germany decided they needed a paperless, data driven solution for their WIP, invoice review and reporting. This solution would house all WIP, every legal invoice and various other data points of a project or matter to provide a “single source of truth” in an accurate and timely manner. At this time, BusyLamp approached Telefónica Germany’s legal department. After detailed discussions in which the General Counsel, Mr. Marcel Ritter, among others participated, Telefónica Germany decided to proceed with eBiling.Space for a number of reasons:

Confidence that the solution would save time, reduce costs, and significantly improve processes
SaaS solution meant no IT effort was necessary
Automated invoice review and approval as well as other matter management steps
Real-time availability of legal spend data and reports
Co-creation of processes and reports, including a litigation report, which met Telefónica Germany’s needs exactly
Together, Telefónica Germany and BusyLamp designed the steps and tasks, and built workflows that improved the following processes as follows:

Law firms submit their WIP directly into eBilling.Space for review and comment by the legal department. Line items which may have been missed by a human reviewer can be flagged by the system automatically based on billing guidelines. WIP no longer needs to be collected, consolidated and sent to the finance department, as they receive automated reports adjusted to their needs.

invoice review

These are submitted into the system directly by the respective law firm and checked automatically against the approved WIP. A lot of time is saved on checking invoices. The integration of eBilling.Space with SAP means that once an invoice is approved in eBilling.Space, it is automatically flagged as “approved” when transferred into SAP.


eBilling.Space out-of-the-box reports are used for the most common spend reports as well as specially designed reports for Telefónica Germany. These are available any time and can be configured to send automatically to stakeholders. Custom reports can be built on any number of variables held in the system using the report wizard. Telefónica Germany had a specific requirement for litigation spend which was not out-of-the-box. BusyLamp built a custom report to meet these requirements. Any report can be exported to excel to share with relevant stakeholders around the business. The requirement for counsel to regularly receive, update and compile spreadsheet reports manually has completely disappeared.

outcome – simpler, better,
faster with eBilling.Space

The implementation of eBilling.Space and streamlining of legal department admin processes has saved time, standardised information and provided a single source of truth for legal invoice and other relevant data. Counsel have more time to spend on legal work instead of admin, resulting in a more efficient legal department that can deliver more value to the business. Stakeholders around the business can receive up-to-date important information and reports quicker than ever. In a nutshell, legal spend management and reporting is now Simpler, Better and Faster.


Automated processes save time and reduce errors.
Advanced reporting capabilities produced faster, with real-
time data, and delivered to inbox.
Increased quality of data: accurate, centralised and up-to-date.
simpler: paperless
WIP (time sheets) and invoice approvals are all digital.
Reports are sent automatically and/ or can be composed with a few clicks.
Cross-departmental information and reporting is simplified and standardised.
better: one source of truth
All relevant data in one place.
Higher data quality, more data available for better analysis and more reliable reports, especially the litigation report.
Transparent and readily available information is available for the finance department.
faster: end-to-end digital
No manual information transfer, no manual feedback and no manual “copy and paste” of spreadsheets.
No paper can get lost.
Digital workflows and automation saves time, reduces errors and has removed steps in the process; for example, the paper invoice > sign-off > scan > SAP process is no longer required.​


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