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e-Billing Operating Procedures (pre-flight checks for law firms)

Although nowhere near as critical as air safety, several law firms have established the principle of running “pre-flight checks” on their e-Bills before submitting them to a legal spend management or e-Billing system such as BusyLamp. This is done to correct any obvious errors on the e-Bill and therefore reduce the % of invoices that get rejected in the first stage of the validation process. This leads to invoices being accepted and paid by the client faster. Over time, common errors can be identified and processes at the firm made more accurate and efficient.

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Using AI to solve UTBMS issues in law firms and corporate legal departments

UTBMS codes enable legal operations teams to compare and contrast the cost and efficiency with which different law firms execute similar matters. But the codes can cause confusion and outside counsel can struggle to accurately use UTBMS and LEDES codes in their time recording. AI (artificial intelligence) in e-Billing software solves this.

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