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Legal spend management software helps mitigate the impact of data breaches. Yes, really.

If you have ever been involved in handling the fall out of a data breach by one of your suppliers, you will appreciate the pressures of trying to assess the potential risk and exposure the breach might have on your company. One tool which can help (both with an immediate investigation and with any future risk assessments) but is often overlooked for this purpose is a legal spend management system (like BusyLamp).

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In-House Legal Tech – Data Security Checklist

Most lawyers and even technology-savvy legal operations managers are not data security experts. The following list of cyber security considerations will aid you in asking pointed questions so you can address system safety at the same time as the ‘core’ functional requirements of the technology.

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How Can I Be Sure My Data Is Safe with Legal E-Billing Software?

Even many otherwise highly sophisticated CFOs and financial departments have a hard time estimating expenses and doing the fundamental accounting and bookkeeping they need to control costs and keep outside counsel appropriately reined in.

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