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Outside Counsel Management 101: How Often Should You Review the Performance of Your Outside Counsel?

Whether you task outside counsel with predictable ongoing requirements, or you and your team send work out on an ad hoc basis, you need metrics to track performance as well as processes to keep your budget in line and deliverables appropriate.

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How Performance Reviews Can Help Outside Counsel Management Process

The process of formal performance reviews isn’t always the most eagerly anticipated part of the work year for most managers and employees. So why should it be looked upon more positively by outside counsel and, say, corporate general counsel or other managers within an in-house legal department?

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3 Ways to Collaborate More Effectively With Your Outside Counsel

Ask any general counsel what keeps them up at night regarding outside counsel management, what gets them frustrated, or what even makes them want to fire a firm, you’re likely to get some variation on this: unmet expectations.

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5 Ways to Optimize the Collaboration Between Inside and Outside Counsel

The most effective working arrangement between inside counsel and outside counsel reflects the best elements of a successful business relationship and a true long term association. Specifically, it brings together two parties with needs and capabilities aligned; operates collaboratively, in an environment of mutual respect; and benefits from a foundation of trust and partnership.

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How Transparency Enhances the Outside and Inside Counsel Relationship

Communication is a two-way street – and transparency is what drives communication to be the pathway to a successful relationship.

Certainly that’s the case when it comes to the relationship between outside counsel and inside counsel. Too often (in the corporate world) this can be a strained or even adversarial working arrangement, with suspicion, misconceptions, or unwanted surprises taking their toll. With transparency and clear communication, however, both parties can work toward the desired outcome – quality legal services performed efficiently for agreed-upon compensation – while avoiding potholes and pitfalls.

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