Choosing the Right Legal Spend Management Solution

Legal technology projects can fail for several reasons but usually because key requirements have been unclear or misunderstood. This guide for in-house legal covers the core areas to consider when buying legal spend management software.


There are many legal spend management systems to choose from and each has different strengths and weaknesses. By failing to understand your requirements up front, you risk buying the wrong solution and wasting your investment. 

To help you choose the best legal spend management for your needs, download the guide and get advice in the following areas:


  • Creating a project team
  • Documenting requirements and success
    • Must-have features of Legal Spend Management solutions
    • Buy vs. Build vs. Do Nothing
    • On-Premise vs. Hosted
    • Out of The Box vs. Customised
    • Implementation
    • Customer Support
    • The Law Firm Experience
    • Pricing Models and ROI


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Choosing the Right Legal Spend Management Solution
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