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Legal Spend Management Software

Manage your

external legal spend and vendors

Stay in control of your spending and collaborate more effectively with outside counsel with our legal eBilling, accruals, forecasts, analytics & reporting features.

ebilling module
Reduce outside counsel spend and make better resourcing decisions
Gain visibility of external costs with automated dashboards and reporting
Free your team from admin so they can spend more time on legal work

customer spotlight

“eBilling.Space is not only the most intuitive legal spend management system I’ve found on the market, the service we receive is also outstanding.”
Anastasia Hufen
Legal Counsel Real Estate Finance

see how ebilling.space works

Watch the video to learn more about the modern software alternative to spreadsheets and legacy eBilling and matter management systems.

legal spend management benefits

keep track of legal fees

Improve visibility and control of external legal spend. Monitor outside counsel costs and related metrics by accessing and reviewing counsel’s pre-billing time entries (WIP). Stop relying on vague or outdated accrual notifications. 

automate forecasts and budget alerts
Stay focused and stop wasting time chasing after your outside counsel for regular updates on progress and costs. Automate requests for budgets and legal matter staffing plans across varying time frames. Measure billable activity against pre-defined budget and staffing limits with automated notifications.
apply a comprehensive ebilling solution

Reduce the time spent on admin work and identify billing mistakes. Automate and accelerate the receipt and review of legal bills in all formats; track compliance with your outside counsel guidelines, fee arrangements, and negotiated discounts.

harness the power of legal analytics

Sophisticated legal analytics offer deep insights into the genesis and nature of your legal expenditures. Create personalised reports and use our advanced business intelligence database to improve decision making and negotiation of timekeeper rates, caps or other alternative fee arrangements. 


Data Extraction

Our AI-powered technology extracts data from PDF invoices and relieves smaller law firms from the burden of generating complex invoice-files.


Some law firms struggle to code invoices in a way that clients can understand. Our AI dives into unstructured invoice data, auto-classifies every task and enables automated invoice review.


Our AI-powered technology uses unstructured invoice and matter data to generate powerful analytics that allow our clients to slice and dice the data to enhance strategic decision making.

example of recent industry recognitions

international invoicing

BusyLamp demonstrates a deep understanding of international invoicing requirements, going beyond VAT and withholding capabilities to deliver regional-specific tax solutions.

data privacy

Robust data privacy features include geographic data segregation options as well as automated data classification and retention tools.

sourcing application

Electronic RFP tool tailored to the unique needs of legal simplifies the vendor selection and procurement process.

modular elm

Flexible architecture enables customers to de-couple e-billing and matter management systems in support of best-of-breed solution approach.

protect your data with confidence

In life, you must make compromises from time to time but IT security and data protection is not something to compromise on!

Invoice data is highly sensitive. eBilling.Space has data security at the forefront.

You can be confident that eBilling.Space will be able to fulfill every security concern your IT department might have. We deal with companies and security requirements of all types and sizes. 


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