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Legal Under Lockdown – with Beejal Patel, Diageo

Tuesday 21st July, 10:30am BST – Beejal Patel will share the legal technologies keeping Diageo functioning effectively remotely, as well as giving her experiences of remote working, how it has impacted her day-to-day working and personal life, and how legal leaders can support their teams.

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Legal Under Lockdown with Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), InterLaw Diversity Forum

Tuesday 7th July, 10:30am BST – Daniel Winterfeldt, Founder and Chair of InterLaw Diversity Forum, shares his recent experiences of how legal professionals in protected categories are being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, and what in-house teams can do to prevent this during the pandemic and beyond.

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Juve Legal Operations 2020

30. Juni und 1. Juli, Köln. Management und Effizienzgewinn in Rechtsabteilungen. Jetzt registrieren Adresse

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