Frequently Asked Questions

How does my business benefit from BusyLamp-Legal?

We give you better overview and control of your matters and legal expenses, provide you with powerful legal analytics and automate and streamline various legal operations and processes, to ultimately save you time and money. We help make sure that you get rid of cumbersome manual invoice review processes and avoid wasting time chasing your outside counsel for routine information. Imagine the power and convenience of being able to create several customized reports with just one click.

What is the value that BusyLamp-Legal adds for my outside counsel?

The additional transparency and improvement of communication enhances their relationship with you. Outside counsel often experience the same stickiness of their clients that we experience once they start using BusyLamp-Legal. Due to the automated review processes and the optimization of workflows, that come with our tool, law firms are usually also able to have their legal bills paid a lot faster.

Who pays for BusyLamp-Legal?

We charge a relatively small fee to the one who has the most measurable return on investment: you, as the client. We save you a significant amount of time and money and enable you to run your legal department like a business unit, with minimal effort. Yes, outside counsel benefits, too. However, its benefit is rather indirect and less obvious.

It’s not as though BusyLamp invented e-billing. Why then should I care, when there are several vendors out there, all claiming to offer a comparable product or service?

First of all, owing to our scalable SaaS-model, we are able to provide more value for less money. Secondly, we are the evolution of legal expense management. Our combination of an electronic request for proposal tool, with real-time fee tracking and e-billing features, is nothing short of unique. Unlike traditional e-billing vendors, we make sure that you’re always up to speed, by giving you access to pre-bill information of your outside counsel (WIP), as well as tracking compliance with outside counsel guidelines, on the fly.

Is BusyLamp-Legal only suitable for large organizations?

No. Our usage-based pricing model makes our tool affordable for all sizes of businesses. We have clients of every stripe and each has experienced a significant, quantifiable return on investment. Sign up and get started enjoying major benefits asap, without the time-consuming and expensive implementation process of yesterday’s legal e-billing software. Contact us for a free needs analysis.

If there is no COO Legal or Legal Operations Manager within our legal department, who could use the tool?

In this case we can add even more value. By automating many manual processes and reducing overall complexity, we help ensure that your legal counsel stay focused on what they do best. We also help you with the set up and, once the tool is up and running, it will free you from the burdens of chasing outside counsel for regular updates, handling several Excel and other reporting sheet formats and manually reviewing legal bills.

Is my data safe with BusyLamp?

Data security and client privacy are top priorities for us. Our state-of-the-art technical and organizational security measures help protect you and your sensitive data against loss due to intentional manipulation, accidental destruction or access by unauthorized persons. We count banks and other financial institutions among our clients and feature compliance with their strict security requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more details about our data security measures and data privacy policy.