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One Modern, Easy to use Application
for your Legal Operation Activities

  • Matter Management
  • Legal eBilling
  • Accruals & Fee Tracker
  • Forecasts & Budget Alerts
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Legal Sourcing
  • Language Analysis Technology

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Save time & money

Many Features, one goal:
Saving corporate legal resources

Legal eBilling

Easily manage invoices in any electronic format from all of your law firms worldwide.

Accruals & Fee Tracker

Automate accruals collection and monitor outside counsel costs and related metrics on the fly.

Forecasts & Budget Alerts

Automate requests for budgets and measure billable activity with automated notifications.

Reporting & Analytics

Get deep insights into your legal expenditures and create personalized reports.

Legal Sourcing

Implement a state of the art legal procurement process with our electronic RFP tool.

Language Analysis Technology

Drive even more savings with language analysis technologies that read invoice narratives and matter details.

Matter Templates

Tailor matter templates to your specific needs and customize matter fields in order to capture meaningful data.

Status & Result Tracker

Track matter status & result, including important items such as courts, opposing counsel, issues, budgets, and invoices associated with each particular legal matter.

Document Repository

Manage content by storing electronic documents in BusyLamp or link to a network, URL, or third party document management system like iManage.