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Legal Under Lockdown – with Helen Lowe, easyJet

Legal Under Lockdown is a series of live Q&A with in-house legal leaders.

Despite the challenges we face in the current environment, legal operations and management needs to continue running smoothly. In each 30 minute live session, a different in-house legal professional will be interviewed via video conference, from their home office, about how they are addressing these issues and delivering value.

Covid-19 has hit certain industries such as travel and hospitality particularly hard, with the impact being felt throughout the business and legal.

easyJet is one such company, and Helen Lowe, Head of Legal Operations is taking this time to reflect on how legal can optimise processes, do more with less, and drive value from law firms. In times of budget cuts, uncertainty and remote working, effective legal operations is more important than ever. 



Helen Lowe

Helen recently joined easyJet as the Head of Operations to the General Counsel’s Office.  She trained with KPMG in Manchester, working across both the Audit and Restructuring functions, with a focus on operational change and transformation. She has subsequently undertaken wide-ranging transformation and change roles at Sellafield Limited and most recently at the Co-op as Head of Operations to their Legal and Secretariat team before joining easyJet.

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