Legal Operations Benchmarking Survey


BusyLamp is once again creating the Legal Operations Benchmarking Report, an analysis of survey respondents that helps legal departments in the US and Europe benchmark the maturity of their legal operations and management. The first report was very well received, being the only report to give a detailed breakdown and comparison of trends across industries, countries and company sizes.


Please spare 10 minutes to answer 21 multiple choice questions and help us make the next report even better. As thanks, you’ll be the first to receive the results and you could win a 50 EUR Amazon voucher, or charity donation if you prefer.


The survey has been closed on the 15th May 2021. We are currently analysing the results and will publish it in the near future. If you’d like to be one of the first people to read our new Benchmarking Report, sign up for our Newsletter down below or check out our News & Resources.


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