Manage your

Legal spend, vendors, matters, documents and knowledge

improve in-house legal efficency and reporting without costly, custom integrations

Point solutions (that address a single legal process or challenge) are specialised and quick to implement but do not always integrate well, meaning the legal team has to use multiple systems to manage their daily work. Data is held in separate solutions, making reporting clunky and time consuming.

Traditional platform solutions solve this challenge by providing a centralised source of information, but require costly, time intensive, custom integrations.

Legal.Ops.Space offers something new. By using API instead of custom integrations, Legal.Ops.Space is an affordable, scalable platform solution.
Start with Matter.Space and/or eBilling.Space
Add new tools to the platform with minimal involvement from your IT team
optimal choices
Build a platform with the best software for your needs – OpenAPI means more choices
user friendly

Solve user adoption issues with one log-in for all legal tools

Improve team collaboration and efficiency with a central location for all legal work
enhanced analytics
Data from existing or new solutions is combined for enhanced reporting, analytics, and strategic decision making
data protection
State of the art data security protects your sensitive information

Machine Learning

Increase productivity with AI-powered legal matter and spend management

manage THE 12 cloc core competencies with

When used together on Legal.Ops.Space, eBilling.Space and Matter.Space help you manage most of the legal operations competencies in the CLOC reference model. For areas such as IP Management, your chosen software can be easily added to the Legal.Ops.Space platform using API integrations. As you develop your competencies and supporting tech stack, Legal.Ops.Space grows alongside you.

The result is a centralised legal operations space that improves team efficiency, collaboration, and strategic decision making.

Source:, “The CLOC 12 Core Competencies Model”. Graphic re-produced by BusyLamp.

highly innovative modular elm

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“Flexible architecture enables customers to de-couple e-billing and matter management systems in support of best-of-breed solution approach”

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