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Legal Under Lockdown – with Beejal Patel, Diageo

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Tuesday 21st July
10:30am BST
Beejal Patel, Diageo

Legal Under Lockdown is a series of live Q&A with in-house legal leaders.

Despite the challenges we face in the current environment, legal operations and management needs to continue running smoothly. In each 30 minute live session, a different in-house legal professional will be interviewed via video conference, from their home office, about how they are addressing these issues and delivering value.

As Legal Systems Administrator at Diageo, Beejal Patel oversees multiple legal technologies that are enabling Diageo’s global legal team to function effectively without needing to be in the office. Beejal will share what these are, as well as giving her experiences of remote working, how it has impacted her day-to-day working and personal life, and how legal leaders can support their teams.

As an attendee you will not be on camera, but can submit questions through the chat. There’s no cost to attend, but you must pre-register.

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Beejal Patel

Beejal Patel has been working with Diageo for over 5 years. She is IT embedded in the business. She provides application support and  training, and aids with defining business process, implementation of new technology and ensuring user adoption. Prior to Diageo, Beejal worked in the oil and gas and engineering sectors providing functional support on Document Management Systems. Functional support includes implementing new functionality, upgrades, end user support, and defining business processes and ensuring there is a smooth service transition from Project to BAU.

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