Legal Under Lockdown with Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), InterLaw Diversity Forum

Legal Under Lockdown is a series of live Q&A with in-house legal leaders.


Despite the challenges we face in the current environment, legal operations and management needs to continue running smoothly. In each 30 minute live session, a different legal professional will be interviewed via video conference, from their home office, about how they are addressing these issues and delivering value.


The economic impact of COVID-19 has resulted in furloughing and redundancy across the legal sector. Through his network, Daniel has discovered that legal professionals in protected categories (women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and disabled communities) are being disproportionately affected by the crisis. Added to this, there is a heightened sense of inequality in society, with the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement gaining important momentum.


Daniel explains the initiatives InterLaw Diversity Forum is working on, and what in-house legal teams can do to prevent disparate impact on diverse talent in the sector – during the pandemic and beyond.




Winterfeldt QC (Hon)

Daniel is a partner in Reed Smith’s Global Capital Markets practice.


Daniel founded the Forum for US Securities Lawyers in London in 2006 to address US securities issues in the London market across law firms, banks and intermediaries.


Daniel is also the founder and chair of the InterLaw Diversity Forum, which seeks to promote meritocracy and inclusion for all diverse groups (LGBT+, BAME, Disability, Gender, and social mobility) in the legal sector. The InterLaw Diversity Forum currently has more than 6000 members from over 300 law firms and over 500 corporates and financial institutions.


Daniel was a member of the Equality & Diversity Committee at the Law Society of England & Wales for six years and is a member of the Judicial Diversity Forum organised by the Judicial Appointments Commission. Daniel was admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in 2013.


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