Matter Management Implementation Checklist

In this practical guide, we set out to provide guidance and a series of checklists to help in house legal teams better evaluate, select and implement successful legal matter management systems.


What to expect in this free guide:

  • A checklist on what to look for in a full-suite matter management system to aid your selection
  • Guidance on the essential aspects in-house teams should consider when choosing a matter management vendor
  • Five ways with which you can make sure the implementation of your new matter management tool is a big success


The continuation of remote and hybrid working has continued to accelerate the need to invest in legal technology that provides easy access to know-how, from anywhere and at any time. There is also ongoing pressure on in-house legal teams to be more cost-efficient and deliver more value to their organisations.


There is no shortage of software that purports to have all the answers to managing and streamlining legal matters, and the task of sourcing, selecting and implementing the best matter management platform and vendor for your organisation can be a daunting one.


Matter management can be transformational, and with the right support and platform in place your legal team and organisation will soon be reaping the efficiency, productivity and transparency benefits.



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