A SINGLE, SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE legal matter management software

Deliver value for your organisation with a single, shared view of all legal activity.


Centralise and standardise the collation of all matter information, analyse and report on matter data, and gain complete visibility over legal workload and activity.


Securely store, manage, share and collaborate on documents in a single repository – reducing the risk of error and ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Legal Intake

Standardise the legal intake process, triage and assign requests, analyse demand, and keep internal business clients fully updated on the progress of their legal matter.


Legal matter management software centralises document storage for matters and provides a secure location where important matter documents can be accessed. Essential document management functionality is normally present, including versioning, redlining, custom metadata, tagging and granular permissioning etc. Integrations with MS Office and Google Workspace are often available and make editing and collaborating on documents quick and easy. Matter management tools also make it simple for documents and their content to be searched and found. Some matter management systems also offer specific contract management capability such as e-signature integration and clause extraction for contract related matters. Learn more here.

Using legal matter management software has become a key focus for many legal teams in recent years. It’s part of a rapid digital transformation trend across legal departments that is being driven by a range of different factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Move to remote working, which requires greater focus and investment in legal productivity and workflow tools and easy access to know-how, from anywhere and at any time
  • Pressure to be more cost-efficient as a legal function and deliver more value to their organisations
  • Growing global regulation and uncertainty causing increased legal workloads
  • More work being serviced in-house without legal department headcounts increasing significantly
  • Need to improve internal customer engagement as well as vendor selection and management
  • Maturing of legal operations and rise in dedicated legal technology strategies for corporate legal departments
  • Need for legal departments to demonstrate that they are a net contributor to the business

Matter management software is typically used by corporate legal departments of all sizes.

The cost structure of a matter management solution can vary depending on the provider. However, the calculation is often based on the number of users.

"Matter.Space is the integrated legal workspace to keep your legal department organised, productive and informed."

Manage all your legal matters, service requests, documents and knowledge within one connected system.
Rob MacAdam

Rob MacAdam

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Improve efficiency, transparency and quality by centralising legal know-how, collaboration as well as reporting.


Capture documents and data in a structured way so that the legal department can quickly find the information they need to make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.


Seamlessly work with internal and external stakeholders, collaborate on matters and manage documents from within Office 365, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.


Gain more insight and take better decisions by leveraging the data to streamline the creation of tailored reports to analyse team performance, identify risk and spot trends.

Matter.Space meets you where you work.

Leverage our REST API to build custom connections, or utilise our out of the box plugins – the possibilities are endless!

“I designed one of the first Matter Management products on the market and then sold the company in 2015 to a leading ELM solutions provider. Now the time is ripe for a new top-notch Matter Management solution. I would love to show you why Matter.Space is different and hear your thoughts about it.“

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