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get organised

TIME MANAGEMENT. Plan and structure your work in a way that’s best for you. Set priorities and deadlines. Track backlogs and matter progress across configurable matter statuses.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. Save documents to matters straight from your Microsoft Outlook inbox, your Microsoft Teams chat or while editing a document in Word.

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. Fast, full-text search across all mediums – including documents, email attachments, notes or Microsoft Teams conversations.

WORKLOAD MANAGEMENT. Manage your team’s workload in real time. Get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity at a glance, and easily drill into tasks for additional detail.

benefits for you and your legal team

the missing piece in your
familiar tech environment

Are you familiar with the existing Microsoft setup? Do you work with Word, Excel and Outlook on a daily basis? Maybe you already collaborate successfully with colleagues using Microsoft Teams? That’s awesome!

Matter.Space is fully integrated with many products from the Microsoft ecosystem. It fits perfectly into your existing tech environment saving your time and sparing your nerves!

save time by accessing all matter information, whenever and wherever

We don’t need to tell you: Legal matters include information of different types and origins: Documents, emails, appointments, deadlines, contact persons, courts, external legal advisors and spend, to name but a few. Efficient legal project work requires having all this information to hand in one place – whenever and wherever.

Matter.Space is cloud based. This ensures that your information can be securely accessed at any time and from anywhere.

But this alone is not enough. In addition, the integration with your Microsoft environment and an intelligent full-text search functionality ensures that you can use the relevant information within seconds. To put it more precisely: With Matter.Space you don’t have to search for the information. The information finds you!

protect your data with confidence

In life, you must make compromises from time to time but IT security and data protection is not something to compromise on!

The matter data that pass through the legal department are too sensitive to take any risks. When creating Matter.Space, data security was – and is – front of mind.

You can be confident that Matter.Space will be able to fulfill every security concern your IT department might have. We deal with companies and security requirements of all types and sizes. Don’t worry about it, our security experts have it covered.

a solution packed with experience


“I designed one of the first Matter Management products on the market and then sold the company in 2015 to a leading ELM solutions provider. Now the time is ripe for a new top-notch Matter Management solution. I would love to show you why Matter.Space is different and hear your thoughts about it.“

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