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Legal Spend Management

Know your numbers and embrace their use

Legal Spend Management Software

Stay in control of your spending and collaborate more effectively with outside counsel with our legal eBilling, accruals, forecasts, analytics & reporting features.

Spend Management Benefits

Keep Track of Legal Fees

Monitor outside counsel costs and related metrics by accessing and subjecting counsel’s preBilling time entries (WIP) to proven legal analytics. Stop relying on vague or outdated accrual notifications.

Apply a Comprehensive e-Billing Solution

Legal e-billing allows you to automate and accelerate the receipt and review of legal bills in all formats; track compliance with your outside counsel guidelines, fee arrangements, and negotiated discounts.

Automate Forecasts and Budget Alerts

Stay focused and stop wasting time chasing after your outside counsel for regular updates on progress and costs. Automate requests for budgets and legal matter staffing plans across varying time frames. Measure billable activity against pre-defined budget and staffing limits with automated notifications.

Harness the Power of Legal Analytics

Sophisticated legal analytics offer deep insights into the genesis and nature of your legal expenditures. Create personalized reports and use our advanced business intelligence database to maximize your position when negotiating timekeeper rates, caps or other alternative fee arrangements.

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