The Results Are In: BusyLamp Reduces External Counsel Woes Across the Board

We created BusyLamp to remedy the challenges of working with outside counsel. In-house counsel has historically had difficulties with the rising costs of legal services, matter management, and communications with outside counsel when it comes to legal billing. By eliminating these obstacles and helping reduce the costs of legal services, as well as the friction between in-house counsel and outside counsel, we hope to fulfill a pressing need.

Three Ways E-Billing Software Saves Time and Money

In today’s legal world, there are so many compelling reasons for incorporating e-billing technology that it’s not so much a question anymore of whether a company should implement it but rather, simply, when — or why it hasn’t already been done.

How Transparency Enhances the Outside and Inside Counsel Relationship

Communication is a two-way street – and transparency is what drives communication to be the pathway to a successful relationship.

Certainly that’s the case when it comes to the relationship between outside counsel and inside counsel. Too often (in the corporate world) this can be a strained or even adversarial working arrangement, with suspicion, misconceptions, or unwanted surprises taking their toll. With transparency and clear communication, however, both parties can work toward the desired outcome – quality legal services performed efficiently for agreed-upon compensation – while avoiding potholes and pitfalls.