Telefónica Germany Using BusyLamp for Legal Operations Improvements

BusyLamp delivers “simpler, better, faster” legal operations efficiency to Telefónica Germany


Frankfurt am Main, 9 April 2020 – Telefónica Germany, one of the leading integrated telecommunications providers automated its legal spend management processes by implementing BusyLamp to provide an accurate view of its legal spend and streamline its operations and reporting.

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Through use of BusyLamp’s legal spend and matter management software, Telefónica Germany now has an accurate, centralised view of its legal spend across the business with all data and reports available through the easy-to-use BusyLamp platform. Previously time-consuming and often complicated legal operations processes are now paperless, with the review, approval, and reporting of work-in-progress (WIP) reports and invoices now fully digitally automated.


The benefits so far of using BusyLamp include the freeing up of legal counsel time previously spent on manual admin, reduction in errors, and increased visibility and availability of all legal spend data across the business. Telefónica Germany have sophisticated reporting requirements and moving to the BusyLamp software has eliminated the requirement for counsel to regularly consolidate and compile manual spreadsheet reports from multiple sources.


Marcel Ritter, General Counsel at Telefónica Germany: “BusyLamp has already saved us time and money. The invoice review process is now paperless and automated and our colleagues in finance are receiving legal accrual and billing information with more precision and efficiency. This has freed up our legal team who have more time to spend on valuable legal work instead of time-consuming admin.


“Our legal spend management and reporting is now simpler, better and faster. Our copy-paste-spreadsheet days are long behind us and working with BusyLamp has delivered great value.”


BusyLamp also worked closely with Telefónica Germany to provide bespoke workflows to meet the legal operations team needs, including the co-creation of custom litigation spend report.


Dr Michael Tal, co-founder and joint CEO of BusyLamp commented: “The Telefónica Germany team has really embraced the benefits of automating their legal operations processes. We look forward to supporting the team drive even more legal operations improvements moving forward.”



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