Trending Legal Operations Podcasts
in 2022

No one can ignore them; they’ve been a lifesaver during lockdown. Whether on the way to work, during daily workouts or as part of a morning routine – podcasts have become the listening content of choice for many people around the world. As well as being entertaining, many podcasts are enabling their listeners to gain new insights, expand their existing knowledge and to keep track of trends in our fast-evolving world – and legal is no exception. 


Many exciting Legal Tech podcasts have emerged in recent years but finding the right series without listening into each and every episode can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our team of industry experts have compiled a list of leading legal operations podcasts that will help you learn and stay up to speed on the latest legal tech, operations and innovation news and developments. 



Legal tech made simple, SYKE 

Dom Burch, VP of marketing at SYKE, is neither a lawyer nor a techy. Which makes him perfectly qualified to make legal tech simple. Join him as he interviews expert legal engineers and software developers, and law firms and large corporations who are implementing legal tech. His aim is to provide listeners with a diverse set of views and opinions by speaking with thought-leaders and innovators across the legal tech spectrum.  


Legaltech Arcade, Rob MacAdam 

Legaltech Arcade is a series of long-form interviews hosted by Rob MacAdam. The podcast focuses on tech-enabled legal service delivery and the people and products that make it all happen. Rob has in-depth discussions with legal tech founders and senior industry leaders. Topics of discussion have included legal platforms, no-code automation, digital transaction management, creating digitally-driven law firms, professional services 2.0 and computational contracts. If you want to know more about what goes in to setting up a legal tech start-up and gain insight into the latest industry developments then be sure to check out this podcast! 


Fringe Legal, Abhijat Saraswat  

Aimed at law firm leaders and influencers, each episode is a thoughtful discussion with a diverse range of voices about ideas impacting the evolution of the legal profession. Along the way, listeners will learn about the challenges to be overcome, what’s worked in the past, and expert tips on what could make a difference in the future.   


Legaltech Week, Bob Ambrogi 

A weekly round-up and review of news in legal technology and innovation. Hosted by lawyer and journalist Bob Ambrogi, with commentary from a revolving panel of industry experts. Delivered every Friday, in 15 minutes or less. 


The Legal Ops Podcast, Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu 

The Legal Ops Podcast is about all things legal operations, legal business and legal technology. It’s hosted by Alex Rosenrauch and Elliot Leibu, legal ops professionals with experience and passion for this subject, and deep connections in the industry. Every episode covers a new aspect of transformation, operationalisation and technology implementation, overlaid with the human elements of change management and organisational psychology. If you’re interested in the changing nature of legal services delivery, and you want to be a part of it, this is the podcast for you. 



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