On-Demand Webinar: How Law Firms Benefit from Legal e-Billing

There are many negative assumptions about legal e-billing software, for example that its sole purpose is so in-house clients can drive down costs, or that it takes up a lot of non-billable time and energy.


But there are many benefits for law firms that embrace e-billing. Despite the challenges with using more than 30 different e-billing systems for over 200 “fully e-billed” clients, Adam Knight, Global Revenue Advisor at Linklaters LLP sees more pros than cons.


  • Invoices are paid faster, with enhanced tracking, tracing and chasing throughout the approval process
  • Easier to adhere to clients’ billing guidelines
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Accurate and predictable forecasting


Adam Knight joined Linklaters LLP in 2007 and moved into the eBilling team in 2013, which he now manages. Adam has 20 years legal finance experience, having worked at Eversheds, Allen & Overy, Norton Rose and Russell Jones & Walker.


Adam is a keen supporter of knowledge sharing between law firms and in improving eBilling for all.  He has a great reputation for his technical expertise and problem solving and is keen to put this to good use as part of the LOC Board. 

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